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News Page 8
This page contains all the latest news about school amateur radio clubs. Please contact us to add your SARC news to this page. Send us a picture and description of your SARC activities. Remember to get parental permission to publish student photographs on this site and in our newsletters.
At the kind invitation of Peter VK3XCO, SARCNET attended the inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Amateur Radio and Technology Group (MARTG) at its new location at the 1st Strathmore Scout Hall. The change in venue was arranged by MARTG affiliation with the Western and Northern Suburbs Amateur Radio Club (WANSARC). SARCNET set up a demonstration of its Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects including our High Altitude Balloon projects, which were originally inspired by the MARTG. The following projects were demonstrated:

The demonstration table precipitated much discussion. It was good to see the group reform, meet old friends and to discuss the future. Of course, we just couldn't resist the opportunity to collaberate on some new project work... Since recent changes to the CASA regulations for launching unmanned High Altitude Balloons has unfortunately put an end to our School Amateur Radio Club launches, we have been considering a maritime alternative to HAB in the form of an ocean-going, Amateur Radio beacon for some time. So we sent Peter a proposal for consideration at the MARTG meeting.

Oceanographic Amateur Radio Buoy (OARB)

During the meeting we proposed a joint effort between the MARTG and SARCNET to design, develop, launch, track, publicise and promote a free-floating, sea-buoy equipped with an Amateur Radio beacon capable of reporting its own position and telemetering relevant science information as it is carried around the Earth’s oceans on prevailing sea currents. The purpose of the project would be to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to school students using the world-wide resources of Amateur Radio. It should be possible for all participating Amateur Radio operators to track the buoy over the air and for students to monitor its position and telemetry on-line. The project should promote both Amateur Radio as a hobby and STEM learning in schools. The work would involve a professional level of project management, systems engineering, hardware and software design and fabrication, system integration and testing. The artefacts of which should all be open source, fully documented and freely disseminated on-line. A documentary-style video production would be used to chronicle the effort, success and lessons learnt. Worldwide Amateur Radio magazine articles and bulletins would be prepared to promote the launch and tracking of the device. School lesson plans should be provided to engage and capture the imagination of students around the world. They would present the science behind the venture, the role of Amateur Radio as a global resource and illustrate the use of telemetry from unmanned missions in the discovery of natural phenomena.
At the kind invitation of Andy VK3VKT, SARCNET set up at the Western and Northern Districts Amateur Radio Club (WANDARC) Hamfest. This was a new Hamfest for us and a wonderfully organised event. It was great to see club members assisting in all aspects of the event and also some new faces, not seen in the East of Melbourne. Each Hamfest we attend gives us a new opportunity to talk with clubs and individuals about youth involvement in Amateur Radio and of course Amateur Radio involvement in schools. We had a wonderful time. If you haven't attended a Hamfest yourself why not check it out?

Our message to Amateur Radio enthusiasts that we meet at hamfests is always received "Readability 5, Strength 9":  

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The following picture was kindly taken by Ash VK3BT.

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