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School Amateur Radio Clubs have inspired a number of very interesting radio and electronics projects. We are developing more all the time. Some of our most popular projects have now been turned into products for sale in the hope they will encourage more youngsters into STEM through the development of School Amateur Radio Clubs. Of course we will always continue to offer free project information, software and support where we can. We have secured our website and we use the secure PayPal server. We aim to provide high quality hardware and software. Each of our products is fully checked and tested before shipment.
Product List
STEM Kit #1- Electronics Prototyping (10PCS)
STEM KIT #1 - Electronics PrototypingSTEM KIT #1 - Electronics PrototypingSTEM KIT #1 - Electronics Prototyping
With this electronics prototyping kit you can learn about electric voltage and current, electronic components, circuits, component symbols, resistor color codes, schematic diagrams and build the first five (5) different educational circuits in our STEM workshop notes or use the included Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and this free STEM Electronics Kit Construction Booklet to make our Hypnotic Owl model (requires a soldering iron, adult supervision and tools). There is also a free STEM Electronics Prototyping slide-show for a teacher or instructor to use, introducing each component, showing step-by-step instructions and an animation illustrating how it works. Included in the kit are the printed instructions, all the transistors, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, wire links, PCB, prototyping board and a switched battery-holder for two AA batteries (not included).

Due to the cost of postage we only ship a minimum quantity of ten (10) kits. So you can have all your friends over for a home workshop night, or take them to school for the whole class to try!

Each shipment contains ten (10), individually packaged, electronic prototyping kits, plus one (1) free set of spare electronic components including the PCB (less prototyping board and battery pack). Purchase through the secure PayPal server Buy Now button below. Price includes postage. Ships anywhere in AUSTRALIA for AU$110.00. Ships anywhere in THE WORLD for AU$130.00.

STEM Kit #1 - Electronics Prototyping (10PCS) IN STOCK

STEM Kit #2 - PTH Soldering Practice Kit

This STEM kit will help you learn to solder electronic components to Plated Through Hole (PTH) Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). The kit comes with a 4cm x 6cm practice PCB, with 280 pads aligned in a grid, as well as 60 1/4W carbon resistors and 600mm of lead-free solder. The task is to solder 56 resistors in 4 even columns across the PCB. Note: The resistor leads should be insered into columns A&E, F&G, K&O, P&T. The first resistor is already soldered for you as an example. Make sure to follow all the safety instructions in our PTH Soldering Workshop Notes. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$10) and availability of our PTH Soldering Practics kits.
STEM Kit #3 - SMT Soldering Practice Kit

This STEM kit will help you learn to solder Surface Mount Technology components to Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). The kit comes with a 4cm x 6cm practice PCB, with pads for a selection of different sized SMT components including:
    • 20 - 0805 resistors;
    • 20 - 0806 resistors;
    • 9 - 1206 resistors;
    • 5 - 1206  diodes;
    • 1 - SOP16 IC;
    • 6 - SOT-23 transistors; and
    • 1 SSOP28 IC
The kit includes 600mm of lead-free solder and a toothpick to help you align the small components to the pads. The task is to solder all the SMT components to the PCB. Make sure to follow all the safety instructions in our SMT Soldering Workshop Notes. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$10) and availability of our SMT Soldering Practice kits.
STEM Kit #4 - PTH LED Christmas Tree Kit

For the more advanced constructor, and great as a project over the Christmas break, you can tackle this Mini Christmas Tree LED project. Powered by 3 AA cells, or from the USB port of your laptop, this multi-coloured display looks really fantastic on the mantle-piece at Christmas. Download the instructions here. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$15) and availability of our PTH LED Christmas Tree Kit.
STEM Kit #5 - SMT Electronic Dice Kit

This kit is an electronics touch dice. It works off a 9 volt battery. By just touching the two contacts on the front of the PCB with your finger, it sets the 7 LEDs in motion. They eventually slow down and stop flashing to reveal a random number from 1 to 6, displayed in the same pattern as used on a real dice. You can use this circuit with your favourite game of chance. See a clear overlay diagram here. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$15) and availability of our SMT Electronic Dice Kit.
STEM Kit #6 - Arduino Microcontroller Kit

Our Arduino microcontroller kits are perfect for anyone starting their own Arduino projects. Simply plug it in to a laptop and start coding. They include the following pre-assembled parts:
    • Arduino Pro-Micro 5V/16MHz Controller on pre-soldered SIP Header Pins
    • Pre-Programmed C++ Traffic Light Demo
    • 400-Point Solderless Breadboard
    • Pre-Installed Busbar Power and Ground Links
    • Micro USB Cable
    • 3x5V Compound LEDs: Red Yellow and Green
To use this kit to learn about microcontrollers and coding: Download the Arduino IDE from; connect to your Laptop or PC using the USB Cable; write your own or download code from the Internet; click to verify and upload your code to the Arduino. Now your programs will automatically run at power up.

For more information and code examples please download our Object-Oriented Programming booklet. Download our oop.ino and TrafficLight demo sketch. For the more advanced programmer please download our Arduino for Amateur Radio Presentation. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$25) and availability of our Arduino Microcontroller Kit.
STEM Kit #7 - USB Soldering Station Kit

This is a complete soldering station for anyone wanting to learn Plated Through Hole (PTH) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) soldering. It is safe to use provided you follow the simple directions. Eye protection, heat-resistant gloves and 100% adult supervision is required for absolute beginners. We use it to teach soldering to students as young as 5 years old. After one session they are proficient in the basics. They simply love building their own electronic circuits. It is perfect for building all our kits, of course, and better than larger and more expensive sets for most SMT work. It even runs off USB backup batteries for portable operation. The kit includes:
    • USB Powered Soldering Iron with Stand
      • Powered from any USB Charger or PC (Not included)
      • Safe Low Voltage and Low Power (5V/8W)
      • Heats up in 20 seconds with Power Indicator
      • Micro-tip perfect for PTH & SMT Components
      • Touch on Switch with Automatic Off function
    • Carbon Fibre Tweezers
      • Precision Point, Heat Resistant, Insulated, Anti-static
    • Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (Brass) and Stand
    • Precision Side Cutters for Electronic Components
    • Lead Free Solder
    • Soldering Mat (A4)
Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$40) and availability of our USB Soldering Station Kit.

LCD Soldering Iron

This professional temperature-controlled soldering iron is perfect for more advanced projects requiring precise temperature control and additional power. It is suitable for both Plated Through Hole (PTH) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) soldering. It has an LCD display showing the temperature setting and + (UP) and – (DOWN) temperature control buttons convieniently located on the handle. The temperature range is 180°C - 480°C with a fast heat up time from a powerful 80W ceramic heating element. It uses standard Hakko 900M tips and the tip is grounded for anti-static protection. Please contact us for price (RRP. AU$30) and availability of our LCD Soldering Iron.
Mini Morse Code Practice Set
International Morse Code
This is one thing that really surprised us: Kids love Morse code. It fascinates them and they pick it up quickly. We used to do our Morse code activity with a Hi-Mound HK704 straight key and oscillator. But that setup costs over A$140, so we can't use it to do a class or group activity. The answer was to design our own Mini Morse Code Practice Set. And for A$10, it is a hit! Now, for the cost of coffee and a donut, kids can have their own set to take home. It comes with a microswitch, simulating a real telegraph key with a nice click-click action, a 2.5kHz sounder, a 3V lithium battery (CR2032) for up to 36 hours of continuous tone operation, all mounted on a double-sided PCB with a non-slip base. It measures only 64x36x15mm and fits in the palm of your hand. It comes in a zip-lock bag, with a laminated, credit-card size, Morse code chart and instructions.

  • This product is only available for shipping to Australia and Worldwide in quantities of 20, lithium batteries not included.
  • Other quanities, lithium batteries inluded, are available for only A$10 each, pick-up by prior arrangement only. Contact us to arrange pickup.

Mini Morse Code Practice Set - (20PCS) IN STOCK

SARCTRAC Mk2- Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

SARCTRAC is a fully integrated Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker (Note: SARCTRAC Mk1 unit shown).

  • Automatically tracks a satellite, steers the antenna and controls the radio transmitter and receiver frequencies.
  • Light-weight, quick setup and best suited for portable operation.
  • Can be controlled by any mobile device with a web browser and personal WiFi hotspot.
  • Can be mounted on a sturdy tripod and attached to a small hand-held, dual-band satellite antenna.
  • Runs off 12V DC power.
  • Uses 3D sensors to measure the absolute orientation of the antenna.
  • Does not require any on-site orientation or calibration.
  • Built-in web server for user controls and displays.
  • Built-in DC motors to steer the antenna to the selected satellite.
  • Built-in GPS receiver to get accurate time and location information
  • Built-in World Magnetic Model to get the local magnetic inclination and declination.
  • Built-in satellite transponder/beacon database, to select known satellite frequencies and modes.
  • Uses the latest orbital prediction models to accurately track selected satellites.
  • Uses the mobile device personal WiFi hotspot to download the latest satellite data from the Internet.
  • Uses HAMLIB to control a variety of radios which support the HAMLIB F, M and or I, X, S commands
  • Displays the system status, time, location, operational parameters, selected and available satellites.
  • Displays satellite selection, tracking and radio tuning pages.
  • Displays predicted satellite passes including: AOS and LOS times, starting azimuth and maximum elevation.
  • Displays the tracked satellite name, LOS time, azimuth and elevation in real time.
  • Schedules the tracking of each selected satellite in turn.
  • Provides audible alerts at the start and finish of each satellite pass.
  • Provides motor stall warnings and an intillegent anti-windup control for the cables.
    • Controls the frequency and mode of an Amateur Radio transmitter/receiver or transceiver via USB cables.
    • Select one or more satellites to track from literally thousands of satellites.
    • Select between satellite beacons or their transponders.
    • Select more or less future satellite passes to display or select the home position
    • Select start and stop for the rotator motors and restart or shutdown for the system
    • Select radio transmit and receive frequency offsets


    Note: The SARCTRAC Mk2 User Manual is still under development.
    Please review our SARCTRAC Project page for the full Features, Specifications, Limitations, Safety and Compliance.
    Please check our SARCTRAC Mk 2 Quick Start Guide, which ships with each product, for compliance, safety, getting started and operation.

    • Buy SARCTRAC using the secure PayPal button below. It will be shipped to you, with tracking, by the next business day.
    • Download and print the SARCTRAC Mk2 User Manual.
    • Wait for SARCTRAC to arrive. Note that unpredictable freight delays may result from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Set up SARCTRAC on your bench, using the demonstration test-stand and lift-arm provided.
    • Obtain the access credentials for your home WiFi router and/or mobile device personal hotspot (SSID/Password)
    • Use a PC to add your access credentials to the network.txt file on the SARCTRAC USB Disk.
    • Insert the SARCTRAC USB Disk into a SARCTRAC USB port.
    • Optionally connect SARCTRAC to an Amateur Radio Transceiver via a suitable USB control cable.
    • Connect SARCTRAC to a regulated, 12V/2A, DC power supply.
    • Wait for SARCTRAC to startup and beep.
    • Use the web browser on your mobile device or PC to connect to SARCTRAC.
    • Select satellites to track and other operational parameters via the SARCTRAC web pages.
    • Press the START button to engage the motors.
    • Demonstrate SARCTRAC satellite tracking operation and optional radio control, on your bench, prior to portable operation.

    • Securely mount SARCTRAC on a sturdy tripod with the shaft hub provided.
    • Design and build your own counterbalanced lift-arm for your own light-weight, hand-held satellite antenna.
    • Securely mount your lift-arm and antenna to SARCTRAC with the shaft hub provided.
    • Attach the SARCTRAC 3D Sensor to your antenna boom with Velcro.
    • Optionally connect SARCTRAC to an Amateur Radio Transceiver via a suitable USB control cable.  
    • Activate the personnal hotspot on your mobile device.
    • Provide a portable 12V DC power source for SARCTRAC and your radio.
    • Wait for SARCTRAC to startup and beep - about 30 seconds.
    • Use the web browser on your mobile device to connect to SARCTRAC.
    • SARCTRAC is now ready for portable operation, in the backyard, on the playground, in parks or on mountain summits.

    SARCTRAC is only to be used under adult supervision. Stand away from the antenna while operating. Immediately disconnect the power to avoid any damage or injury.   

    Please note that SARCTRAC is licenced to the original purchaser, who is then permitted to download and install free lifetime software updates from our website.

    SARCTRAC is a light-duty, portable device not suitable for permanent or unattended installation or operation in harsh environments. It is warranted to work as stated, but only if it has been setup and used correctly. Damage caused by overvoltage, forcing the light-duty motor gears or stripping the mounting threads, for example, is not covered.

    We accept no liability for any costs, accidents or damages resulting from the incorrect use of this product.

    You will receive a receipt and warranty by email by the next business day. The SARCTRAC package contains one (1) fully assembled, tested and calibrated product including: A USB Disk and a demonstration-only test-stand and lift-arm. There is a Quick Start Guide containing set to work information, regulatory compliance statements and safety instructions.

    The SARCTRAC product comes in a 22.5x22.5x12.5cm, 1.12kg carton. It is posted on the next business day after receipt of your order using international airfreight, including tracking information, which is sent to your email address. However, no signature is required on receipt, so please select a secure destination address. COVID-19 postal restrictions and delays may apply. Once you have ordered on PayPal you will receive a PayPal confirmation email. You do not have to email your order to us as well. Your name, call sign, email and postal address are provided to us by PayPal. Please ensure they are all up to date.

    Purchase the fully assembled, tested and calibrated SARCTRAC Mk2 unit through the secure PayPal server Buy Now button below. Note: You must enter your First Name, Last Name and Call Sign (optional) for your SARCTRAC licence. This information will be displayed on the SARCTRAC web page - So please use your preferred names. It must identify an individual licensee. We may request that you provide an alternative name if it does not. Your transaction will only be processed if we have stock on hand. We will confirm that we have received your order, send you a receipt and ship by the next business day. Free shipping worldwide.

    Licence: First and Last Name
    Licence: Call Sign (Optional)

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