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School Amateur Radio Club Network
School Amateur Radio Club Network
School Amateur Radio Club Network
School Amateur Radio Club Network
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News Page 16
This page contains all the latest news about school amateur radio clubs. Please contact us to add your SARC news to this page. Send us a picture and description of your SARC activities. Remember to get parental permission to publish student photographs on this site and in our newsletters.
SARCNET @ Train and Hobby Show 2023
At the kind invitation of Richard VK3VRS, Amateur Radio Victoria members, Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP, provided their School Amateur Radio Club Network exhibition at Melbourne’s Train and Hobby Show. This well-organised show is held every year at Sandown Racecourse. It attracts many thousands of visitors, each day, over the long weekend in March. Focussing on “Amateur Radio for Kids”, the exhibition featured working and interactive displays of Amateur Radio Satellite tracking, High-Altitude Balloon beacons, Raspberry Pi Software Defined Radios, Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino microcontroller projects as well as electronics prototyping, soldering practice and Morse code practice workshops for kids.
Kitset Sales
We sell a wide range of electronic prototyping, soldering practice, electronics and microcontroller kits. The profits from these sales are used to donate our STEM kits to the schools that we work with.
SARCNET Exhibition at the Train and Hobby Show in Melbourne
We showcase a wide range of student-built projects to inspire young, creative minds.

Student Project Display

Student Project Display

Student projects include:
  1. Components Tester
  2. Arduino projects
    1. Traffic-Light and Walk-Signal Controller
    2. Object detection and distance measurement using 40kHz ultrasonic transducers
    3. Amateur Radio Direction Finding BPSK31 telemetry encoder
    4. Wearable art: An OLED display broach
    5. RC Servomotor controller using our MyFirstMicro - Programmable controller
    6. Steppermotor controller
    7. 4WD robotics platform
      1. DC Motor Controller
      2. Pixel-flow navigation sensor
    8. High Altitude Baloon Payload: SCREWBALL 1
    9. High Altitude Baloon telemetry transmitters
      1. MTRG 2 - 10 MHz Trenasmitter with JT65/9 Encoding
      2. SARC 1 - 434.650 MHz Transmitter with BPSK31 Encoding
    10. Raspberry Pi Pico project - Team Scanner
      1. Lora transceivers: 915 MHz InAir9 Modules
      2. 2.4 inch OLED display  
    11. Tracked robotics platform
      1. Modular construction: Battery management, motor driver, processor and navigation modules
      2. DC Motor Controller
      3. Accellerometer/Magnetometer Navigation
  3. Raspbery Pi projects
    1. Linux Software Defined Radios
      1. RPi 3B+
      2. HDMI LCD display
      3. RTL-SDR dongles
      4. GNU Radio  
    2. Transmitter modulation monitor
    3. General purpose AM/FM/LSB/USB communications receiver

Our always popular electronics prototyping, soldering practice and Morse code workshops were a big-hit this year.

Electronics Prototyping Workshop

Soldering Practice Workshop

Morse Code Practice Workshop
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