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News Page 13
This page contains all the latest news about school amateur radio clubs. Please contact us to add your SARC news to this page. Send us a picture and description of your SARC activities. Remember to get parental permission to publish student photographs on this site and in our newsletters.
In October 2022, Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP, operating as VK3SRC, completed a DXpedition to Tasmania. Teaming up with Tony VK3XV and Sheryl, operating as VK7XV, they activated 14 National Parks for the VKFF Program. Details of the event are shown here. Park activation notes are shown below.
National Park
Park Activation Notes
VKFF-0005 Narawntapu National Park
Activation was not possible as the National Park was closed due to flooding of Bakers Beach Road.

VKFF-0366 Mt William National Park
Activated the park and camped overnight at Stumpy's Bay campsite #4. This was the most secluded and beautiful campsite of all.
VKFF-0028 Ben Lomond National Park
Activation was not possible due to land-slide closure of the A3 Highway. The highway was open on our way to Mt William NP, but it was closed the next morning, so we had to divert to St. Helens, making it impossible to maintain our schedule if we activated Ben Lomond NP. Stayed overnight at St. Helens.
VKFF-0145 Douglas Apsley National Park
Activation from a very small loop road into the NP. Access from the A3, North of Bichino, then 7.4 km along Rosedale road.

VKFF-0188 Freycinet National Park
Activated from lovely park campsites, each with beach access, just past the Freycinet National Park visitor centre.

VKFF-0481 Tasman National Park
Activated from the Devil's Kitchen carpark. Access is from Eaglehawk Neck, via C338 Blowhole road. The turn-off is currently not sign-posted. Best meat pies ever at the Dunalley Bakery.

VKFF-0456 South Bruny National Park
Activated from the beach parking area in gale-force winds. Access is 8.4 km from the start of C644 Cloudy Bay road. Enjoyed a nice 4WD track across the island via Cuthberts road and Lockleys road. Stayed overnight at Captain Cook Holiday Park. Best fresh oysters ever at Get Shucked on North Bruny Island.

VKFF-0227 Hartz Mountains National Park
Activated on the freezing, wind-swept, tundra not far from the visitor centre. Stayed overnight at the lovely Arve river campsite. Best impromptu camp meal ever: Blow-torched chicken teryaki and cashew nuts.

VKFF-0117 Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
Easy activation on the side of the road leading to the visitor centre.

VKFF-0185 Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
Easy activation while mobile on the A10 to Queenstown. Stayed overnight in Queenstown.

VKFF-0461 Southwest National Park
Easy activation while mobile on the B61 to Gordon dam.

VKFF-0347 Mt Field National Park
Easy activation on the side of C609 Dobsons road. From the visitor centre, drive up the mountain to find a suitable spot. Stayed overnight in the park camping area.

VKFF-0322 Mole Creek Karst National Park
Activation is at the King Solomon's Cave carpark, Liena road. Stayed overnight at Mole Creek hotel (haunted according to Julie). Longest ever pototo chip at the Waratah Bischoff hotel.

VKFF-0513 Walls of Jerusalem National Park
Difficult 4WD and walk-in access to park. Vehicle activation is not possible. Access via C171 Mersey forest road. Turn left onto Fish river road, 2.6 km past the turn-off to the Rowallen power station and drive 4.4 km to the hair-pin bend in Fish river road. Note: Fallen trees across the road may require that you park some distance away. Then walk to the activation point: Just before the hair-pin bend in Fish river road there is an overgrown roadway on the right heading down to a bend in the Fish river. The NP boundary crosses the Fish river at this bend and goes up the hill to the left. You can walk in to the park and set up on the river bank, if you like. We used a 25 Watt, CODAN 2110 man-pack radio with a 2m whip antenna and an APRS dongle. Biggest leech ever.

VKFF-0443 Savage River National Park
Difficult 4WD access to park. Vehicle activation is possible. Access is 17.6 km off A10 Murchison Hwy: Driving 6.9 km South from Hellyer George Rest Area, turn right onto Blackwell road (Note: The Bells road access to Blackwell road was impassable). Drive 6.2 km on Blackwell then turn right onto Parawee Creek road. Drive 5.8 km on Parawee Creek road then turn left onto Blackwell Rd. Drive 3.8 km on Blackwell Rd then turn right onto Pykes road. Cross the Authur river bridge and pass the "Auther River Chalet" on the left. Drive 1.3 km on Pykes road then turn right onto Junction road. Drive 4.7 km to the NP on the West side of Juction road. Most mud from a 4WD track ever.

VKFF-0432 Rocky Cape National Park
Stayed overnight in Stanley. Best Crayfish ever at Hersey Seafoods. Best poached eggs on sourdough ever at Touchwood Cafe. Best soft cheese ever (Coal River Tripple Cream Brie Cheese) from Provadore 24. Easy park access via C227 Rocky Cape road. Activated in gale-force winds beside the road on the coastal grasslands.
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