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Published by Julie & Joe in News · 24 August 2019
Welcome to the SARCNET Forum. Forums are a great way to get the latest information from us and let all our readers know what you think. We changed from using phpBB to WebSite X5 on 24/8/2019. We hope you like the new format and we look forward to reading your posts.

This Forum is just for general comments like:
  • What you like or dislike about our site.
  • Something you would like to see or prefer not to see.
  • Ideas and suggestions.
  • Corrections and broken links.
  • Requests for new Forums on a different subject.
  • Requests for more information, links or new projects.

Because this is a child-aware site, with strict content and privacy policies, we will 100% review all posts before they are published. We may contact you with questions like: Do you have parental permission to publish those photos or do you mind if we rephrase your comments about X without using words like Y and Z.  

Kind regards, Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSP.

Denis Brown
2019-08-27 01:01:02
Hello Julie and Joe

Maybe I am an "early adopter" of your new forum format hi hi. Is the technical (phpBB) forum still available for the exchange of technical questions, construction notes, etc which are then visible to all other forum registrants? I wanted to comment that in my build of the Mk1 rotator I am going to include an LM7809 style voltage regulator fed from the 12 volt motor power source, feeding into the Pro Micro's RAW pin. The idea here is that in the event that 12 volts is applied and the USB power disappears - flat laptop battery, disconnected USB cable, etc - there is no concern about the driver board feeding back into the Arduino's I/O pins. In the absence of a controlling PC, the Arduino would enter a pause state so no danger of the motors being activated and creating havoc.

Denis VK6AKR
Julie & Joe
2019-08-27 03:20:48
Hi Denis,
That makes three of us. The new format is different and takes a bit of getting used to. There is a forum called “SARCNET Mini Satellite-Antenna Rotator Mk1” in the satellites category. We have copied all your phpBB posts there. The regulator sounds like a good idea. We will comment on it there too.
Kind regards,
Julie and Joe.
2019-10-20 08:13:00
Hi Joe and Julie, just letting you know I have advertised your attendance and work at this year's SPARC Rosebud RadioFest. Thanks for your terrific support, looking forward to catching up with you both on November 17th. Cheers, Mark VK3PDG.
Julie & Joe
2019-10-20 23:11:52
Hi Mark,
The Rosebud RadioFest is in our opinion one of the best organised Amateur Radio events in the country. Congratulations to you and the SPARC team for doing all the hard work. We will be delighted to attend.
Kind regards,
Julie and Joe.

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