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SARC award certificates are provide to SARC members who have attained a level of skill deserving of an award.


SARC awards include:

  • Certificate of Excellence for the top SARC member each year
  • Special Award-<Task> for completing the specified task above and beyond all expectation
  • Mission-5 Award for completing 5 missions
  • Activity-20 Award for completing 20 activities
  • QSO-25 Award for completing 25 on-air contacts as a second operator
  • SWL-50 Award for logging 50 shortwave QSOs as a Short Wave Listener
  • Activity-10 Award for completing 10 activities
  • QSO-5 Award for completing 5 on-air contacts as a second operator
  • SWL-10 Award for logging 10 shortwave QSOs as a Short Wave Listener


Local electronic kitset stores, amateur radio clubs or parents and friends associations may be interested in sponsoring one or more SARC awards. Suppliers should be approached by appointment with the store manager. A letter should be provided outlining the purpose, achievements and benefit of introducing science and technology to students through amateur radio and kitset building. Although the matter may need to be referred to the store headquarters it is important to make a good initial impression with the local manager. The initial letter should include pictures of what the students actually do. Remember to advise that you are working in a completely voluntary capacity. 

Award certificate

SARC award certificate template