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About SARC

The most important thing is that, for a select group of school students, School Amateur Radio Clubs are a real club: A place to be at lunch time, in a group with similar interests. Everyone in the group is equal. It is not a lesson; there are no exams, but each week there are really cool things to see and do. There are activities to guide them, missions to challenge them and the whole world of amateur radio to expand their horizons.

For principals, teachers and parents: School amateur radio clubs are a free collaboration between educators and amateur radio enthusiasts for the purpose of introducing science and technology to students in an exciting lunch-time activity.

For more information please see our SARC article.


SARCNET is the School Amateur Radio Club Network - an affiliation of like-minded schools who have set up a club. This web site provides a resource for SARCNET members. Anyone can join, receive free information and contribute to this site.

About us

Julie VK3FOWL runs three primary school amateur radio clubs in Melbourne.

Joe VK3YSP assists with setting up and promoting the clubs.

Contact us

For more information about SARCNET please email Julie VK3FOWL or Joe VK3YSP at

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