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SARCTRAC Operation

Published by Julie & Joe in SARCTRAC · 24 August 2019
The purpose of this Forum is to help readers with SARCTRAC operation issues; to publish the user's experience and ideas; and to provide hints, tips and solutions.
We will review all posts; encourage discussion and suggestions; provide our input; and gather new material for updates  of the SARCTRAC manual.

List of known SARCTRAC setup hints, tips, operation issues and their solutions:
  1. Web pages are static. They don't just update automatically. Close and re-open the web page after pressing RESTART or SHUTDOWN.
  2. If two satellites have exactly the same AOS in minutes, SARCTRAC will oscillate between their AOS azimuths until the pass starts.

2019-10-29 22:42:41
Testing 1 2 3 Daylight saving has to be set manually i.e. UTC+11 for the East Coast Australia
Julie & Joe
2019-10-29 23:23:38
Hi Bob,
Yes, selecting your local Timezone is a manual step with SARCTRAC. You would be surprised just how tricky it is to calculate the local UTC offset based on your GPS latitude and longitude. While the reverse-geocode TZ database would fit on the SDHC card, we discovered that there were so many notable exceptions that manual entry had to be provided in any case.
Keep in touch Bob!
Kind regards,
Julie & Joe.

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