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Radio Remote Control Server

The Remote Radio Control Server (RRCS) provides a Web page to remote control the radio and a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server to stream the transmit and receive audio. It connects to the Amateur Radio transceiver (Icom IC-7200) via the microphone jack and the USB control port. It connects to the internet via a Netgear USB WiFi dongle and the home WiFi access point. The RRCS can be accessed from any PC or mobile device with internet connection. The VoIP server is a Mumble server commonly used for Internet gaming voice conferences. The audio cable includes an encapsulated USB sound card with audio isolation transformers. To ensure no radio frequency interference, the audio and control cables are looped three times through an FT-120/43 toroid. The transmit/receive control is achieved using the radio's VOX function.

The RRCS and its connecting cables:

Remote Radio Control Server

The RRCS login web page:

RRCS Signon Screen

The Mumble client app used for the RRCS:

RRCS Mumbler Client Display

The RRCS transceiver control pages:

RRCS Configuration Screen