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SDR Receiver

This project is a Software Defined Radio Receiver. It has a frequency range of 24MHz – 1.2GHz. It can demodulate AM, FM, USB, LSB with selectable bandwidths of 600, 2400, 2800, 3200 and 6400Hz. It has a squelch control, automatic gain control and a clarifier control. It provides a "reverse waterfall" display showing the signal power, in shades from blue to yellow, with the signal frequency across the screen and the time history shown from bottom to top. The patterns move up the screen for 20 seconds, with the most recent information shown at the bottom. See the GippsTech 2018 Build your own SDR Presentation for details. It costs around AU$150 and is fascinating and educational to use.

Satellite Tracker ComponentsComponents of the SDR Receiver:
- Micro USB 5V power Supply
- RTL-SDR Dongle
- USB Extension Cable
- Raspberry Pi 3 computer
- Micro SDHC Card

SDR Receiver WindowSDR Receiver display:
- Frequency entry box
Mode selection:
-Amplitude Modulation (AM)
-Frequency Modulation (FM)
-Lower Sideband (LSB)
-Upper Sideband (USB)
Bandwidth Selection (kiloHertz)
Squelch Control
Volume Control
Frequency Clarifier
Reverse Waterfall Display

GNU Radio Flow Graph for the SDR ReceiverThis is the GNU Radio flowgraph for the SDR Receiver.